and what we can learn from them

12/02/2020 | Written By Stephen Cleary

In this article, we take a look at three of the biggest logo re-designs from recent times. Looking into the strengths and weaknesses of each mark, we will highlight current trends and identify attributes of each logo that graphic designers can take inspiration from.


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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut Logo Re-Design 2019

Pizza Hut’s new logo contains elements that are over 50 years old. the logo celebrates the company’s heritage while giving the brand a fresh look. It uses one colour, arguably achieving greater clarity than the 2010 mark. the emblem also cleverly resembles tomato sauce being spread on a pizza base. 

This logo teaches us that re-designs don’t need to scrap all elements of the existing logo. It also emphasises how simplification can often add character!


VW Logo Re-Design 2019

VW’s new logo also retains a similar style and form to their previous version. However, the old logo’s 3D chrome effect and blue background has been replaced by a minimalist, flat design. 

Created in-house, the new simplified logo is highly flexible and can be used across print and digital platforms.

This new mark teaches us that the biggest brands are focusing on using minimalism to achieve greater clarity and to establish themselves as longstanding brands.


Slack Logo Re-Design 2019

Slack, the large collaboration hub, commissioned Pentagram, a London-based creative agency, to re-design their existing logo. The brand aimed to convey the simplicity and ease of use of Slack. Importantly, Pentagram ensured the mark was usable in various formats and sizes – a key quality of all successful logos. Furthermore, the new logo design arguably achieved a more refined colour palette than the original logo whilst retaining the brand’s playful personality.


Lessons from Three Big-Name Logo Re-Designs

All three of these big-name logo re-designs have demonstrated a move towards minimal, pure logos. Pizza Hut, VW and Slack all understand the necessity of having a simple mark which can be successfully utilised in a range of print and digital contexts. All three logo designs are re-sizeable and can be effectively used as tiny website favicons whilst also looking visually appealing on large billboards. Finally, each of the three logos retain the brand’s existing identity with attention paid to ensuring the logo is memorable and leaves a lasting impression.

Studying big-name re-designs like the examples discussed in this blog provides us with a chance to gain inspiration from their successes and downfalls. As designers, we can implement Pizza Hut, VW and Slack’s successes in our own work in order to create truly impactful and effective logos for our clients.


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