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A well-crafted logo design process that is centred around your requirements.

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Clear Design’s logo design process ensures that the final outcome not only looks good, but helps you achieve your goals. Below is an overview of the four stages that make up the full process.

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Logo design sketches | Logo Process

1. Brand discovery

When you initially get in touch, we will discuss your specifications for the project. We will consider your business objectives, the requirements of your target audience, and the marketing strategies of competitors in order to decide on the best approach to the design process. 

Having a comprehensive understanding of your company is crucial for ensuring the final logo successfully communicates your brand vision.

2. Research

Using the information from your brief, we will explore the appropriate imagery, colours, and typography to build your new brand. Throughout this process we will be taking into account the strategies used by competing brands. Our aim will be to create a logo design that suits the industry whilst also differentiating you from key competitors so you can draw in customers.

3. Design

Once the research phase has been successfully completed, initial concepts will be formulated around the brief. These logo designs will then be presented and you will have the opportunity to let us know your thoughts. There are rarely any major objections, but any amendments you request will be actioned at this stage.

After you have approved one of the concepts, your chosen design will be developed further in vector form. Drawing on our design expertise, the logo design will be subjected to a series of rigorous tests to ensure it effectively achieves the project goals.

4. Release

At this final stage, the design will be finalised and signed off. Both vector and raster files will be prepared for delivery. These file types include PDF, SVG, PNG and JPEG as standard, covering the majority of use cases that a business will need to apply their designs.

Everything is designed to ensure the logo and/or brand identity system can be efficiently implemented. At the end of the process, the vision can be released into the world and you can watch as the results come in.

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The clients we work with appreciate the level of quality produced. They understand that care and expertise go into our process, resulting in professional logos that satisfy their customer’s requirements. Whether you’re interested in working together, or want to hear more about our design services, please get in touch.

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