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A carefully designed process resulting in websites that fit your customer's requirements.

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A vigorous website design process that guarantees great results

Creating an effective and compelling website requires careful research, planning and design. We use our website design process to ensure the final outcome not only looks good, but helps you achieve your goals. Below is an overview of the six stages that make up the creative process. 

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1. Initial consultation

When you initially get in contact, we will listen carefully to your specifications for the project. This will be your opportunity to share exactly what you’re hoping to achieve. We will consider your business objectives and values, the requirements of your customers, and how your current website is performing in relation to your competitors.

Having a comprehensive understanding of your company at this early stage is vital for ensuring the final website successfully communicates your brand vision and achieves your business goals.

2. Research

Delving deeper, careful consideration will be given to your desired tone of voice, colour scheme, multimedia assets, key call to actions, and essential functionalities. We will carefully research the websites of your competitors and will determine how best to represent your brand. 

The requirements and characteristics of your existing and/or potential customers will also be integral to our decisions throughout the design and development phases.

3. Plan

Once the research has successfully been carried out, our focus will turn to the functionality and content structure of the website. Wireframes of key pages will be created and the customer journey through the website will be carefully considered throughout.

At the end of this stage, you will receive a sitemap as well as initial wireframe designs for each of the key webpages.

4. Design

Once you have approved the deliverables from stage 3, we will begin designing each webpage and implementing the functionality needed to ensure it operates according to your specifications. Each page will be refined to encourage the maximum number of users to reach the desired end result (e.g. purchasing a product, calling your team, or making a booking).

5. Develop & optimise

At this stage, the designs will be converted into a flexible, editable and mobile-friendly website. Using the WordPress content management system, the website will be set up in a way that allows changes to be easily made, whilst also looking great on all devices and browsers.

In-built search engine optimisation will be used throughout to guarantee people can find the website on Google and so you can monitor how well it performs on a day-to-day basis.

6. Finalise & maintain

At this final stage, the website design will be refined and reviewed before it is signed off. You will have the opportunity to provide feedback and we will make any amendments that are needed before publishing the website.

Once your website is live, it will need to be maintained and evolved so it keeps drawing in new customers. With our tuition, you will be able to use the WordPress content management system to make ongoing amendments to content and structure.

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The clients we work with appreciate the level of quality we produce. They understand that care and expertise go into our process, resulting in websites that satisfy their customer’s requirements. Whether you’re interested in working together, or want to hear more about our design services, please get in touch.

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