10 signs that it’s time to re-design your logo

This article explores ten signs that your logo is outdated and needs updating. If you are a business deciding whether to re-design your logo or not, then you will want to read this!

Think about some of the logos that you see on a daily basis. They’re pretty memorable, right? Well, it’s likely that the logo designs that you just thought of aren’t the first iterations. Most companies will change their logo quite regularly to reconnect with consumers so they can become (or remain) a household name in their market.

Think of a brand like Coca-Cola. Their logo has gone through numerous changes throughout the years in order to connect with customers decade after decade. The question is though, how do you know when its time to re-design your logo?

If your current logo fits any of the ten reasons we have listed below, then it is time to give a graphic designer a call to request an update.


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10 Signs That You Should Re-design Your Logo

1. Old or Outdated

While there isn’t an overall expiration date on any logo you use for your business, you should ask yourself whether or not your current logo is indicative of the business. Has the business evolved since it began? If so, it might be time to consider an update. In many cases, a subtle change to a logo is exactly what the business needs.

The most-skilled graphic designers will ensure that your logo re-design is engineered to have timeless qualities that do not rely on fugitive design trends. Coca-Cola is a good example as, although small amendments and adaptations have been made, the original wordmark created in 1905 almost perfectly matches the current version. Therefore, it is great example of a logo that has succeeded for over a century!

2. No longer relevant or applicable

One reason for having your logo re-designed is to ensure that it remains relevant to your target customers. Consider the logo for Lego. When the business first launched in the 1930s, their logo was a typographic design that used a calligraphic, serif font with a dark navy colour scheme. This logo worked well at the time and was an effective portrayal of the manufacturing company that worked on stepladders, ironing boards, stools and wooden toys.

However, the business has since changed significantly and these days Lego is known for creating construction block toys for kids.  Their current logo design, with its white “Lego font” lettering and red background, successfully communicates the young, fun and creative characteristics of the brand.

Lego logo from 1934
The Lego logo from 1934
Lego logo design 2020
Lego logo design 2020

3. Doesn’t tell a story

Great logos tell a story about the company and what they are about – often in quite subtle or hidden ways. These days, it is seen as a priority for several businesses within competitive markets to invest in Brand Strategists who generate stories and narratives that effectively illustrate their values and characteristics. This process is prioritised because a great brand narrative is crucial for driving more sales and attracting new customers.  So, what is your logo saying about your company? Does it tell your story? If not, it may be the right time to consider a re-design.

4. Too complex

When you see logos for Nike or Apple, they almost always have one thing in common: their logo design is amazingly simple. The reason why these logos use a minimal style is for two reasons: the logos can be used just about anywhere and will look good doing so. For brands like Apple, its important to implement the old adage that ‘less is more’ and less is also is better for business!

Apple logo
Apple logo

5. It doesn’t provoke a response

If you look at a lot of the logo designs that new businesses have started in the past year, you will see a trend start to emerge. Logos are starting to be designed with fun in mind. What we mean is that designers are using next-level creativity, and sometimes some humour, to design unique logos which help the brand become instantly recognisable. 

FCUK - French Connection Logo

For example, the popular fashion brand French Connection has implemented an ‘FCUK’ logo, which is printed on several of their clothing designs. This wordmark is designed to purposefully prompt a response from the viewer. Whether their audience responds by laughing or feeling a little bit shocked, the logo has done its job by evoking a feeling and therefore becoming memorable.

6. Not contextual

Having your logo in the same format on all of your business’s print collateral and digital platforms can do more harm than good in the long run. Your logo should be responsive to the medium it is being used on. A good, responsive logo is designed to work in various different settings and in a broad spectrum of sizes. While your primary, full logo will always be the image of your brand, having a responsive logo with multiple configurations for different print and digital uses, can ensure that the brand is established effectively. If you want an example of how this is done well, take a look at Levi’s responsive logo variants below.

Levis scalable logo design

7. Out of date typography

If your logo contains typography that no longer suits your industry, it is definitely time for an update. Unfortunately, several font systems become outdated or uninspiring over time. So, unless the font used in your logo has been chosen in order to establish the heritage of your business and emphasise its long history, you might want to consider changing the logo’s font to refresh its style.

8. Plays it safe

If the your logo design plays things ‘too safe’ then you’re less likely to achieve the success that you’re looking for. This means that you could miss all kinds of opportunities when it comes to the branding of your business. Using some refreshing ideas that may seem outside the box can inject new energy into your logo.

9. Feels faddish

Trends can play an important part in logo design but you don’t want to make your logo seem like you’re just following a fad. Especially as this decision will often result in you needing to update the logo 6 to 12 months down the line. Logos that have been designed well, with longevity in mind, should be timeless. What might be the biggest trend in logo design, can just feel archaic once the trend has run its course.

10. New competition

Competition is an integral part of any business and if you suddenly find yourself with some new competition, you should see this as a way to improve every element of your business so you can give yourself the edge. If your competition is trying to capitalise on the market growth in your niche, re-designing your logo can help you reconnect with consumers while stating that your company is adaptive and welcomes change.


Having a logo is like owning a laptop. When your laptop gets old and doesn’t work as well as it once did, you end up replacing it. The logo for your business is the same. When it isn’t getting the results you expect, it is time for a re-design. While we hope your logo isn’t covered by one of the items on our list, if it is, we recommend getting in touch with a graphic designer who can assist with updating your logo.

If you’ve been reading this article and thinking “Hmm, it probably is time to have our logo re-designed” then you’re in the right place. Get in touch with us for a free logo design consultation.

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