Top 12 unique fonts to use for logo design

We explore our top 12 unique font recommendations for iconic logo design. If you are a graphic designer deciding what fonts to use in your next logo, then you'll want to read this!

We wanted to highlight some of the best unique fonts that you can use to ensure your logo improves your brand credibility rather than compromising it. The fonts on our list should give you some great ideas for effective logo designs. After all, a typography-based logo can be very successful – just look at Coca-Cola.


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Top 12 unique fonts to use for logo design

1. Adobe Garamond

Adobe Garamond font

With its excellent readability and elegant design, the Adobe Garamond font isn’t just a single font design but an entire family of old serif typefaces. This combination of elegance and readability makes it perfect for logos and you typically see the font used by websites, textbooks, and magazines. Released in 1989, the original version of the Garamond font was rated second-best among all fonts in 2020 by a popular German publication.

Download Adobe Garamond

2. Trajan

Trajan font

If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood movie poster, it’s likely you have, then you’ve seen Trajan before. This typeface is also popular for businesses related to marriage, religion, and law. Designed by Carol Twombly in 1989, Trajan is an old style of serif typeface and is based on Roman square capitals and is a typeface that will add instant versatility to your logo.

Download Trajan

3. Akura Popo

Akura Pro Font

When you design your logo, if you’re looking to portray toughness, strength, and boldness with a retro feel, then Akura Popo should be a font you consider. With its vintage look, the classic serif font is perfect for logos, letterhead, and headline. If your business is the kind where you might have merchandise that customers can buy, like t-shirts, Akura Popo works great, especially if you’re looking to make a bold statement.

Download Akura Popo


Univers font

Designed by Adrian Frutiger in 1954, many consider the Univers font, a sans-serif typeface to be one of the greatest font achievements of the 20th century. Portraying an air of steadiness with its perfect geometry, nearly every business can find this font useful because of the clear and detailed form that it presents to consumers.

Download Univers


Frutiger font

Also designed by Adrian Frutiger, the font that bears his name is a sans-serif typeface that is very distinctive with the easily distinguishable letters it presents. Originally commissioned in 1968, it was completed in 1975 and used at the newly built Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Roissy, France and is currently used on Swiss passports since 1985.

Download Frutiger

Sackers Gothic

Sackers Gothic font

The Sackers Gothic font was created in 1994 and is a sans serif font based on the form of Roman letters. With a sharp and “engraver” design, the typeface doesn’t include any lower cases. With the look of this font, it doesn’t need to have lower cases to have an impact on your design.

Download Sackers Gothic

Virtuous Slab Font

Virtuous Slab font

A slab font is a type of serif font that is characterized by thick or block-like serifs. Well known for their legibility, Slab fonts have been used by designers for over 200 years and the Virtuous Slab Font is a high-quality slab font that features four different weights and is a perfect option for personal and commercial projects.

Download Virtuous Slab Font

Chromoxome Pro Typeface

Chromoxome font

A redesigned version of the Chromoxome typeface, which was a modular all caps typeface. Along with redrawn characters, the font also contains lowercase characters, extended Latin support, multiple OpenType features, along with 5 different weights and two different styles. Unlike some of the other options on our life, this isn’t a free font and is part of a subscription with Envato Elements.

Download Chromoxome Font

Bolt Sans

Bolt Sans

Designed and crafted by Adam Johns and Errick from Old Font Factory, the Bolt Sans font is available with a subscription to Envato Elements. The font is a modern and minimal sans serif typeface that does a great job improving the readability of any design you use it on. The pack you receive with your subscription includes OTF, TTF, as well as Web Fonts.

Download Bolt Sans Font

Hattori Hanzo Font

Hattori Hanzo Font

An elegant and oblique font, Hattori Hanzo is a font that comes in two different weights. Designed by Roman Shamin, the sans serif font is a great option for any commercial or personal project that you may be working on and is also a great option for any female-oriented design.

Download Hattori Hanzo Font

Factory LJDS Font

Factory LJDS Font

If you’re looking for a unique serif font for your project that just feels like it needs something different to stand out, you should take a look at the Factory LJDS font. With its unique design plus its thin and elegant typeface, its a perfect fit for both commercial and personal projects.

Download Factory LJDS Font

Blogger Sans

Blogger Sans font

Designed for website headlines, Blogger Sans was designed by Sergiy Tkachenko and draws inspiration from the clarity as well as the legibility of other popular fonts. Blogger Sans comes in 4 different weights and a total of eight different outlines which add up to contain more than 500 glyphs allowing it to easily be used in either commercial or personal projects.

Download Blogger Sans


There are so many different fonts to choose from for your logo design. While our list of the top 12 unique fonts to use for logo design listed what we considered to be the best, that doesn’t mean that you have to agree with us. Find a font you like and one that speaks to your brand and when you’re ready, contact a professional designer to create the best logo possible.

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